Le Petite

Quantity 1
Share all of your love in one exquisite and petite package.
  • Available in three unique box styles.
  • Choose between nine beautiful rose colours.
  • Customize a unique greeting message.
  • Features four Eternity Roses®.
This small, yet luxurious arrangement of Eternity Roses® is the perfect gift for almost any occasion. The Le Petite arrangement from Venus ET Fleur® features four real roses that last a year®. With proper care, these elegant roses will show their beauty month after month, making you smile every time you gaze upon them. These delicate and high-quality roses may come in a small package, but when you give them to a loved one, they will express just how deeply you feel for that person. The best gifts come in small packages, and the Le Petite can be yours when you visit Venus ET Fleur®.

  • Three unique, Parisian-style keepsake boxes
  • Four Eternity Roses®
  • Customizable greeting card
  • Nine different rose colours to choose from