Le Clair Vint Cinq

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Find the perfect place to put your most cherished possessions at Venus ET Fleur®.
  • Choose from three different rose colours.
  • Features 25 Eternity Roses® in an acrylic box.
  • Store your mementos in the single compartment.
  • Create a thoughtful and unique gift message.
Roses make the perfect gift for any occasion, and at Venus ET Fleur®, our luxury box of roses will be there to withstand the test of time. These beautiful Eternity Roses® come in an acrylic box with a single compartment, allowing you to store your most cherished mementos. Whether you are giving this gift to a loved one or you are buying it for yourself, these real roses that last a year® with proper care are sure to make an impression. For months on end, you will be able to admire their beauty. Choose the colour of your roses and get the Le Clair Vint Cinq luxury box of roses from Venus ET Fleur® today!

  • 25 Eternity Roses®
  • Durable acrylic box
  • The option to customize your gift message
  • Three rose colours