Le Clair Un Clair

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The best things come in small packages, and the Le Clair Un Clair arrangement from Venus ET Fleur® is no exception.
  • Features a single Eternity Rose® inside an acrylic box.
  • Choose from eight different rose colours.
  • Create a custom gift message.
  • Perfect for a small gesture of love.
If you’re looking for a meaningful way to show how much you care, then the Le Clair Un Clair is the perfect small rose arrangement for you. This delicate arrangement features a single Eternity Rose® within a clear, acrylic box. The small size makes this small rose arrangement perfect for sitting atop desks, nightstands, and other small surfaces. With proper care, our Eternity Roses® will last a year, and you will be able to enjoy the Le Clair Un Clair arrangement month after month. Choose the color of this real rose that lasts a year®, customize your message, and get the small rose arrangement delivered right to your door from Venus ET Fleur®.

  • Small acrylic box
  • A single Eternity Rose®
  • Eight rose colours
  • The option to personalize your gift message