Large Round

Quantity 1
Receive stunning roses with our rose delivery service!
  • Features up to 42 long-lasting Eternity Roses®.
  • Choose between eight different colours.
  • Receive your roses in either a white or black Large Round hat box.
  • Fill out a personalized message on a custom greeting card!
There’s nothing better than receiving roses from someone you love, and with Venus ET Fleur’s® rose delivery services, you can send beautiful roses to all of your friends and family! This Large Round hat box of Eternity Roses® is sure to brighten your day. With proper care, these luxurious roses will last a year or more, meaning that you can enjoy their beauty month after month. This Large Round arrangement of real roses that last a year® is ideal for any occasion, whether it be a graduation, wedding, birthday, or another special event. Simply choose the colour of your Eternity Roses®, select the hat box, and create your custom message! Order your gorgeous arrangement of roses from Venus ET Fleur today.

  • Up to 42 Eternity Roses®
  • Large round hat box in either white or black
  • Customizable greeting card