Everyone is a Mother: Celebrate Every Mother This Mother's Day!

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is seen as a holiday in which you celebrate the woman who has raised you since birth. However, more and more, “mothers” are seen as any influential person in your life. Some people are not fortunate enough to have a mother, and instead, they may have a “mother figure” who takes on the role of their mother. With that in mind, this Mother’s Day, take the time to celebrate the person or people in your life who most embody the “mother” role.

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Celebrate Every Mother This Mother’s Day

Mothers come in all shapes and forms, but how do you know what a “mother” is? A mother is the person you turn to for advice and the person who tucks you in at night. Only you can define what it takes to consider someone a mother, and below, we’ve outlined a few of the people in your life who may deserve the title of “mother” this Mother’s Day

An Aunt

Your aunt may be the person in your life who you go to for all the tough questions. It’s often difficult to talk to your parents about things like crushes, self-esteem issues, and other difficult topics, but your aunt is always there to share in your struggles. She is the person who helps you get out of trouble when you don’t want to call your parents, and your aunt is the person you can always count on to be completely honest with you when you’ve messed up. While your aunt may not have given birth to you, she can still play the role of your mother just by being there to watch you grow and help you make the right decisions.

Your Grandmother

While your aunt may be the one you go to with your life crises, your grandmother is the one who will spoil without a second thought. Grandmothers are always there when you need advice from someone who has seen it all. If you’re having a bad day, you can guarantee that your grandmother will be there with a hot cup of tea and a story from her youth. There may be times when her advice doesn’t quite make sense, but when the right moment comes along, you’ll know exactly what she was trying to say.

Your Mum’s Best Friend

Everyone knows that best friends are for life. Unfortunately, only the truest of friendships make it through the long haul. If your mum is lucky enough to have a best friend for life, then you better believe that her best friend will be there to help you through thick and thin.

Your mum’s best friend is similar to your aunt in the way that she is always there to give you advice and bail you out of trouble. When you need a hand, she will be there to tell you all about the trouble that she and your mum used to get into, and it may even help you feel closer to your mother.

Your Father

In some situations, people find themselves without a mother figure, and the father will need to assume the responsibility of both parents. If your father is the one taking care of everything in your home, then he deserves to be honoured not only on Father’s Day, but also on Mother’s Day. Taking on the responsibility of both parents is never easy, and there are many cases in which the parent will fail. However, those fathers who manage to do it all deserve as much praise as they can get.

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